When was the last time you stopped
amidst a sea of “likes” and “hearts”
just to wonder
at those things you really love in this world?

It takes a moment away from the crowd,
the cloud,
and the stream of influence
awaiting our attention,
which drifts so easily
from screen to screen.

The things we love
connect us by a common thread.
When was the last time you gathered up
your most favorite things
to unravel their stories,
and share them with a friend?

Perhaps it was on a front porch somewhere
leaning against the rail
or in a charming bistro,
dimly lit,
at a well-worn table for six.

The rest of the world rushes on around you
at its breathtaking pace
but you have found a place on earth
where time bends
and stretches out
in unexpected ways.

Simple, thoughtful questions

spark meaningful conversations
that ebb and flow,
soft and loud,
till the fire dies down.
At last, it’s time to part,
with reluctant goodbyes,
until next time.

A place like that
is rather hard to come by.
And on the internet?
it would be rather uncommon.
Don’t you think?

But what matters more than the place,
of course,
is the people you’re with.
They’re neighbors,
loved ones.
They’re kind,
and uncommon too.

A community is made up of moments
and people
and places like these.
It is built with love,
and it thrives on wonder and whimsy.
The story of our community is unfolding. We’d love for you
to join us.

Our Favorite Things

What are your ten favorite things in the world? The answers, and the stories behind them, are a profound way to explore the uncommon we have in common. Handcrafted mementos celebrate the things we love.


Questions prompt us to share our insights and inspirations. What was the last idea you fell in love with? What is the first thing you like to do in a new city? What album do you know best? Who was your first best friend? The replies broaden our perspective and strengthen our ties.

Meet the Neighbors

The heart of Uncommon is people; a filmmaker in Vancouver, CEO in Chicago, scholar in Southampton, writer in Brooklyn, designer in Bergen, and many more.

Meet a few of the folks waiting for you on the front porch.


Brooklyn, NY
If it scares and excites you at the same time, you should probably do it.


Vancouver, BC
Life is amazing.


Portland, OR
The meaning of life is whatever you choose. I choose people, moments, whiskey, and tacos.


Austin, TX
My life is so captivated by the most volatile bean on earth. I started in coffee for it's smell, and now it's the opportunity of discovery, craft, and community that keeps me invested.


Rider of Bikes
Austin, TX
I love moving fast at work and on my bike. Relationships should be the opposite: crafted slowly over time, through delightful conversations, with the goal of truly getting to know each other.


Southampton, UK
Uncommon is about connecting in a way that may or may not be physically fast, but is philosophically slow: unhurried, giving us the time for reflection and for leisurely yet meaningful connections.


Productivity Enthusiast
Philadelphia, PA
I love walking through this uncommon neighborhood, enjoying the company of good friends and conversation, and taking a few moments to sit on the front porch to gaze at the stars.

Table for Six

You know the dinners you wish would never end? When the dimming light and empty plates leave space for memorable talk about meaningful things? Table for Six is where we'll enjoy uncommon conversation with friends and new acquaintances.

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