An Uncommon Gathering

Vintage Heart8—10pmSunday, March 9
Featuring music by Resonance
An Uncommon gathering in Austin, Texas featuring wonderful people, delicious beverages made-to-order by our adept barista, and a performance by Resonance. Resonance is from London and a member of Uncommon. We're thrilled to have her with us on this special night.
Vintage Heart, our beloved coffee shop in East Austin, a short walk from downtown. It feels like home to us. We think you'll feel the same.
The festivities begin at 8pm on March 9 and wrap up around 10pm.
Because there are few things better than an evening spent talking, laughing, and listening to music with friends.
You, of course, along with other kind and creative people from this uncommon community. Hosted by Brian, Lori, Brad, Bethany, Andy, and Marius (traveling from Bergen!).
The gathering is free and we have space for 35 people. To reserve your spot, please provide the following:
  1. A favorite song (or two) for the Kaleidoscope playlist
  2. The best question you've asked or been asked at a party
Kaleidoscope was a magical evening together. We've done our best to capture it in word, photos, and music.
  1. The story of Kaleidoscope
  2. Photos from the evening
  3. The playlist on Spotify