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Uncommon is an inclusive community of kind and curious people from around the world. We’ve saved a place for you on the front porch.

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Membership for one year is just $24, which includes a free year of Uncommon for one of your favorite people. Share the stories behind your favorite things in the world, meet fantastic neighbors, respond to thought-provoking prompts, read honest and insightful replies, and join Table for Six conversations with members near and far. Each day you visit, a small stack of delightful reads, intriguing questions, and new friends await you.

When you join, you receive a welcome envelope in the mail that includes a sticker and a beautiful invite to mail or hand to a friend over coffee. There’s something delightful about tangible things in the age of bits.

Your presence makes this thriving, sustainable, independent, ad-free community possible. Come alongside us and help shape the next small thing on the Internet.

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?Helpful Details

What do I receive when I join?
Two memberships to Uncommon in Common! A one-year membership for you and one to share with a friend. And since loyalty should be rewarded, your annual membership fee will remain the same as long as you’re an Uncommon member.
Why a membership fee?
Uncommon is a sustainable, ad-free online community supported by people who love and believe in it.
A friend gave me an invite. How do I use it?
If you received an invitation for a free year of Uncommon, knock before you join.
What does my membership support?
Site development and hosting fees, printing and shipping costs, business expenses, and community projects and events. In addition, we donate $1 of every membership to Ag47, an arts mentorship program.
As an organization, how is Uncommon different from a startup?
Uncommon is a side project—no investors, no salaries, and our work time is limited to evenings and weekends. It’s also a labor of love, which means the community is our priority above all else. If Uncommon grows to the point where we need full-time employees, that would be wonderful, but that’s not our focus; you are.
As a site, how is Uncommon different from a typical site or social network?
We believe in slowness, rhythm, and a healthy relationship with our screens. Those beliefs guide the site: both in what you see and how we work. To that end, the site is closed for 24 hours each week. Significant updates are released quarterly, as the seasons change. Also, Uncommon is a private community; only members can view the contributions of other members.
Do you offer refunds?
We take your time, money, and attention seriously. If you’re unsatisfied with your membership for any reason, we will issue a full refund.
I can’t afford the membership fee. Is there a place for me?
Uncommon isn’t limited to those who can afford it. We set aside memberships for people in our midst who are short on funds. If that’s you, introduce yourself. We’d love to have you join us on the front porch.
Is the payment process secure?
We use industry-standard security practices such as SSL to secure the connection between your browser, our server, and Braintree, our payment processor. We never save any credit card data in our logs and rely completely on Braintree’s “vault” feature to securely store your card details for future charges. Your membership is a recurring annual subscription and your card will be charged each year. You’ll be notified beforehand so you can cancel your membership prior to being charged.
I’m having trouble joining. Can you help?
Gladly! Send us the details and we’ll straighten things out.